CNG Dispensers
Natural-gas /Cng-fueling-system

Havayar Company Is The Producer Of CNG Dispensers By Benefiting From The Modern Technology And Experience Of COMPAC Companies. These Distributors Are Designed And Produced According To IEC And NFPA Standards. Benefiting From Optimized Software And Hardware System, It Has Fulfilled The Full Satisfaction Of Utilizing Parties Of Station.

CNG The Next Generation Of Fuel For Vehicles:

Natural Gas- This Substitute Energy Is A Clean Fuel That Can Be A Proper Solution For Problems That Are Mainly Caused By Vehicles. 
Natural Gas Is Not Only Environmental Friendly But It Also Presents A Unique And Reliable Function.

Natural Gas- Energy For Next Generation:

In Order To Decrease Air Pollution And For Environmental Protection For The Next Generations, Havayar Company Launched Its Activity In The Field Of Engineering And Construction Of NGV Gas Stations As Well As CNG Compressors Where Natural Gas Is Used For CNG.



General Capability

  • Display With Background Light For Easy View
  • Mass Detector Of Coriolis Type
  • Fuel Pressure Equalizing System With Temperature
  • Capability Of Connection With Different Types Of POS And Card Reader Systems
  • Cabinet With Coating Color Coverage

Particulars Of Dispenser:

  • System Accordance Of +/-10%
  • Maximum Gas Flow Range- 1 80 Kg/Min
  • Working Temperature Of -40 Degrees Centigrade-+50 Degrees Centigrade
  • Electricity Input 120/240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Selectable Options For Dispenser:

  • Fueling Method : Three Lines ,One Line
  • Gas Flow : 1000 SCFM (20kg/Min) ، 2000 SCFM (40kg/Min) ، SCFM (70kg/Min)
  • Fueling Pressure : ، 3000 Psig (200 Barg) ، 3600 Psig (250 Barg) ، 3000/3600 Psig (With Separate Pressure Design)

Fueling Package With Common Flow:

  1. Three-Line And One-Line Fall Fueling Design
  2. Nominal Fueling Time Of 1-2 Minute/S For Small Vehicles
  3. Stainless Steel Tube – 3.8inches
  4. Electric Solenoid Valves
  5. Pressure Gauge With Gauge - 4 Inches
  6. Absorptive Filters Devised For Each Entrance Line
  7. In Fueling Line Or Breakaway Line, Quick Detachable Connection Standards

Fueling Package With High Flow:

  1. Dispenser Flow 1000 SCFM (20 Kg/Min)
  2. One-Line Or Three-Line Fall Fueling Design
  3. Nominal Fueling Time Of 2/3 Minutes By Buses And Small Vehicles
  4. Stainless Steel Tube 1.2 Inches
  5. Actuated Ball Valves
  6. Pressure Gauge Of 4 Inch Calibrated Screen
  7. Absorptive Filters Devised For Each Entrance Line
  8. Common Breakaway Quick Detachable Connection Standards At Fueling Or Discharge Line

Fueling Package Of High Flow:

  1. Dispenser Flow 3500 SCFM (70 Kg/Min)
  2. One-Line Or Three-Line Fall Fueling Map
  3. Fueling Time During 4-5 Minutes For Trucks And Large Buses
  4. Stainless Steel Tube 3.4 Inches
  5. Actuated Ball Valves
  6. Pressure Gauge 4 Inches
  7. Absorptive Filters Devised For Each Entrance Line
  8. High Flow Nozzles For Buses
  9. Quickly Detachable Connection Hose Independent Breakaway
  10. Independent Breakway Detachable Connection Hose
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