Average CNG Stations
Natural-gas /Cng-fueling-system

  1. The Compressors Of Middle Size With A Capacity Of 570 Nm3/Hr And Input Of 250 Psig
  2. The Compressors Of Middle Size With A Capacity Of 370 Nm3/Hr And Input Of 60 Psig
Table Of Particulars Of Electricity And Gas As Well As Location Required For The Products Of This Company:
NoModelInput PressureCapacityNumber Of Fueling NozzlesNumber Of Fueling Vehicles In 17 HoursPower Of The Main EngineThe Required Area For Establishment (M2)


Technical Information Of The Package:

  • Motive Force : Motor Motive
  • Stages/Type: 3 And 4s Stages/Horizontal
  • Suction Pressure: 60-250 Psia
  • Capacity: 370-570 Nm3/Hr
  • Exit Pressure: 250 Bar
  • Oil System: Oil Pump
  • Torque Transmission: Belt Type

Dimensions And Weight Of Device:

  • Size: 3400mm(L)*1300mm(W)*3300mm(H)
  • Weight:    About 4500 Kg
  • The Required Electricity: 200 KVA
  • Required Dimensions For Establishment: 450 M2

Advantages Of Havayar Stations

  1. Suitable For Metropolitans With Location Limitation
  2. Proper For Development Of Working Fuel Supply Stations
  3. Less Investment For Installation And Commissioning
  4. Development Of Places To Offer CNG Fuel Across The City
  5. Easy Installation And Simple Control System
  6. Designed With Low Vibration And Noise

Description Of EquipmentQuantity    
Dryer 31
Single Compressor 5701
Reservoirs Of 800 Liters24
Electrical Panels1
Air Compressor1
صاعقه گير1
كنوپي    1
Prioritization Panel1
Bulk Material1
UPS    1
F&G    1
Scada    1
F&F    1
Shelter On Dryer And Reservoirs    1
  Natural Gas